Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Run fail

So about a month ago, I decided that my Asics (GT-2000) felt clunky.  I've never really liked the shoe since they changed it from the 2100 series.  I went to Fleet Feet to see what they could recommend.  I ended up with Newton Kismets and a month in, I think I hate them.  The first few weeks I was just adjusting to the feel of the forefoot and ran the Tuna Run in them (25 miles in less than 36 hours).  I have been trying to adjust but my heel has been increasingly sore and now the soreness is moving up to my Achilles.  I think I am done.

Today was 6.25 miles, easy 8:36 pace.  I went without music which was a nice change but was obsessing over my AT the whole time.  I intended to run 8 but cut it back since I was in a good amount of discomfort.  I guess tomorrow will be a yoga day!

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