Sunday, November 9, 2014

Saturday and Sunday, November 8 & 9

Yesterday was 90 minute hot yoga with Dwayne...I have to make myself go to these classes but once I'm there, I enjoy it...but man, it never fails to kick my butt. I was pretty lazy yesterday on purpose...resting up my legs for today's run.  Jason and I went to Basil Leaf for dinner and then got some dessert at Christina's Dessertery and I will have to remember to eat that meal again before long runs because... I had 16 miles on tap.  The plan called for 8:11 pace but I felt like I could probably go a little harder.  Ended up with 16 @ 7:53 pace.  Felt absolutely great.  The temperature was around 40* at the start - ideal!

Splits were:

Pretty darn even!  Couldn't be happier with the run. Now, I'm kicking back with my compression socks on :).

Friday, November 7, 2014

Thursday and Friday recaps

Thursday was hot yoga 90 with John.  I love his classes - he's so knowledgeable yet warm and approachable.  I need to make sure I'm practicing at least once a week.

Today, I went to Body Pump in the morning and then attempted my tempo run in the afternoon.  Smart move (sarcasm).  Body Pump was great - my shoulders and chest, especially, got a great workout.

I headed back to the Y in the afternoon to do my tempo run on the treadmill since I was trying out new shoes (Adidas Supernova Sequence 7s).  I started with an 8:34 mile then 7:41, 7:35, 7:30, and 7:24.  I was supposed to do five miles around 7:37 pace but my legs were toast.  Yeah.  Body Pump before tempo runs = not smart.  Anyway, ended with a 9:05 slow jog and called it a day.  23 years of running and I'm still acting like a total newbie. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Run fail

So about a month ago, I decided that my Asics (GT-2000) felt clunky.  I've never really liked the shoe since they changed it from the 2100 series.  I went to Fleet Feet to see what they could recommend.  I ended up with Newton Kismets and a month in, I think I hate them.  The first few weeks I was just adjusting to the feel of the forefoot and ran the Tuna Run in them (25 miles in less than 36 hours).  I have been trying to adjust but my heel has been increasingly sore and now the soreness is moving up to my Achilles.  I think I am done.

Today was 6.25 miles, easy 8:36 pace.  I went without music which was a nice change but was obsessing over my AT the whole time.  I intended to run 8 but cut it back since I was in a good amount of discomfort.  I guess tomorrow will be a yoga day!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Interval bomb

Today's workout was a simple 4 x 800...BUT at 3:03 pace.  HA.  I knew going in that it was impossible and was fine with lowering my standards.

2.5 miles easy (7.0 mph), first 800 was 3:20 pace (9.0 mph).  Jogged 400, second 800 was 3:17 (9.1 mph). Another 400 jog.  Then I started the third on and felt awful.  So, I've been working on my nutrition, tracking it on myfitnesspal, and I think I was too low yesterday. I am trying to do a better job today getting in enough cals - quality cals.

Back to the workout.  In the third 800, I knew I wasn't going to be able hold pace.  I quit.  It's rare for me to quit a workout but my legs were like lead and my breathing was off.  I hopped on the elliptical for 15 minutes and called it a day. 

So, first real week of marathon training and I'm already bailing on my workouts.  I've got a long road ahead...

Starting place

This blog will probably never be seen by anyone but me, but it's a way to document my training.